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Founder Bio


The Center for Distance Education Research was founded by Kevin N. Shriner, Ed.D. in 2014. Kevin has over 25 years of experience in higher education, spending 16 of those years at public and private institutions and 9 years in higher education consulting. During his higher education career, Kevin has collaborated with faculty and administrators to assess academic and institutional preparedness to launch online undergraduate and graduate programs. Kevin is a past Fellow for the National Summer Data Policy Institute on the Datasets of the National Center for Education Statistics and National Science Foundation as well as the Association for Institutional Research and National Center for Education Statistics Fellowship Program in Institutional Research 

Who We Serve


The Center serves to generate and inform a renewed interest in distance education in U.S. higher education institutions, and strives to make vital contributions to higher education research, policy, and practice.  We desire to conduct research on the issues affecting distance education and work with colleges and states to improve student access, student engagement, student success, and institutional performance.

About the Distance Education research center

Who We Are


‚ÄčThe Center for Distance Education Research is a professional organization dedicated to promoting student access, engagement, and success in distance learning.